Yoga Mat Towel - with Silicone Nubs

Yoga Mat Towel - with Silicone Nubs

Microfiber yoga mat towel with silicone nubs
  • Product Code: Art no. M52

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* Ultra soft to touch.

* High quality microfiber to absorb extra perspiration

* Lightweight, easy to carry and travel with

* Ultra fresh odor and bacteria eliminating technology.

* Ideal to place on a carpet for a safe & hygienic yoga or exercise practice

* Anti-skid silicone nubs on the back side.

* Normal size: 72’’ * 24’’ (183 * 61cm).

* Different microfiber fabrics and designs upon request.


Brief  instruction:

              1.  Put the beadside of the towel on the surface of the yoga mat or on the floor with short velvet.

              2.  Equally put your hands and legs on the towel so as the beads were sticky tightly on the mat or floor.

              3.  The best result appears when you are slightly sweat. 


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