About Konjac

What is Konjac ?
The Konjac or Konnyaku is a perennial herbaceous plant of the genus Amorphophallus, native to warm subtropical to tropical eastern Asia.
The dried corm of the Konjac plant contains around 40% glucomannan gum and has been widely used in traditional Chinese medicine for detoxification, tumour-suppression and etc. Almost no calories, high in fiber, the Konjac is often used as a diet food.
Konjac sponge features
* Pure natural
The Konjac is free from chemicals, colouring, additives and irritants. 100% biodegradable and fully sustainable. Being unbelievably soft and gentle, the sponge is ideal for all skin types including newborn babies.
* Deep & Gentlest Cleansing
Konjac Sponge will gently cleanse the face and body, removing dirt, excess oils, flaky skin and blackheads, without the need to use an additional cleanser.
* Water Film & Slightly Alkaline
When Konjac Sponge is saturated with water, its surface is covered by a water layer, then the sponge fiber will not scratch and damage the skin even with hard scrubbing. The wet Konjac layer is also slightly alkaline, so it works well to neutralize slightly acidic grime. This layer helps to break down blackheads, dirt, oil and downy hair and rinses them away, leaving your skin fresh and clean, even without the use of soap.
How to use Konjac sponge ?
* Softening by submerge in water for a few minutes until the sponge is well soften.
* Polish the skin in a circular motion for an intense massaging effect, with or without cleansing soap or foam cleanser.
* After use, rinse and press it gently.
* Dry it in a cool and well-ventilated place for next use
                  Enjoy   !   Enjoy your Life!