About Microfiber

1. What is Microfiber?
Microfiber is a breakthrough in textile cleaning technology, it is the blend of microscopic polyester and polyamide fibers. The typical composition is from 80% polyester, 20% polyamide to 70% polyester, 30% polyamide. The polyester which gives the structure to the microfiber fabric , is capable for polishing and cleaning, the polyamide gives its absorbency.
The individual microfiber filaments weigh less than 1 gram per 9000 meters in lengthļ¼Œas a result of high-tech fiber splitting procedure , the tiny microfiber bundles are then split into even smaller single fibers which are about 1% of the size of a human hair. Most common microfiber yarns are made by joining 72 or 144 fibers together.  Yarns are knitted or woven in a variety of constructions.
2. How does Microfiber work?
The manufactured split fibers give the microfiber fabric its exceptional water retention and dirt grabbing abilities. Microfiber can absorb up to 7 times it’s weight in water, the wedge-shaped cross sections require no cleaning fluids will trap and remove dust, particles thoroughly from surfaces with no streaks or marks left, like a magnet attraction. It can also remove stubborn dirt and grime effectively, that will greatly help to eliminate or reduce allergens may occur , therefore, it’s much more efficient compared with cotton towel or other none chemical fluids used materials available in doing cleaning job.
Cross sections
3. Microfiber cleaning features
-* Highly absorbent and quick drying, absorbs seven times its weight in water.
-* Good cleaning ability, makes cleaning job fast and easy.
-* Non abrasive and lint free, widely applicable for places with high level requirement.
-* Eco-friendly, reduces the usage of water, cleaning chemicals and paper towels.
-* Durable and easy to clean, can be used hundreds of times if cared for properly.
-* Suitable for allergy and asthmas sufferers, as well as anyone with multiple chemical sensitivities.
4. Care guide of Microfiber cloths
-* Add a small amount of liquid detergent to the laundry which contains no bleach or other additives.
-* Do not use fabric softener when washing as this clogs the cloth and reduces its efficacy.
-* Separate cloths from other laundry items.
-* Launder with cold or mild water.
-* Tumble dry on low or no heat.
-* Pre-soak in a 50/50 white vinegar water solution if concerned about bacteria.
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