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Green Tea Konjac Sponge

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I enjoyed using these sponges to exfoliate my face in my morning and evening doesn't have the harshness of more abrasive cleansers or else the potential to alter your skin tone too much with the chemical/AHA liquids. Now I use these when I travel, as well as for a mid-day cleansing if my face feels oily and I don't have on makeup that I have to redo.



What Is a Golf Towel Used For?

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Most golfers probably wouldn't be able to tell you that USGA rules allow that "a towel or handkerchief may be wrapped around the grip" of a golf club during play, but most could tell you they wouldn't want to play a round of golf without one or more trusty towels hooked to or tucked into their golf bags. Although clubs and balls are usually the stars of the golf equipment show, the lowly golf towel has found an indispensable place in the hearts and bags of a lot of golfers.


Say Goodbye to the Public Mats

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Yoga is considered to be a low-impact activity that can provide the same benefits as any well-designed exercise program, increasing general health and stamina, reducing stress, and improving those conditions brought about by sedentary lifestyles.  It is particularly promoted as a physical therapy routine, and as a regimen to strengthen and balance all parts of the body.


What is a Loofah Sponge?

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Natural sponges are harvested from either sea animals or vegetable plants, namely gourds. Loofah, or loofah sponges are produced from long, thin gourds and are much harder and more abrasive than sea sponges. Most often, loofah sponges are used for scrubbing and exfoliating dead skin. Often seen for sale in stores in the form of back brushes or exfoliating mitts, loofah sponges also make ideal scrubbers for pots, pans and surfaces, such as counter tops.


Why You Need: Konjac Sponges

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If your familiarity with sponges only extends as far as the kitchen sink and an animated one that lives in a pineapple, it’s time to up your sponge game. There’s a new (but actually pretty ancient) player in town that goes by the name konjac, and it’s not really a sponge at all.


Microfiber: Modern Miracle

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In case you have not heard of microfiber it is a product out of Sweden. It is used for quite a few things such as cleaning cloths, some clothing, and several types of furniture.